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Example Content – be inspired, & make it your own!

(Set the stage with a little invitation & encouragement) I am passionate about helping parents and teachers understand how to use visual art to help young children develop a love for learning and listening. If you’re looking for a more natural, positive method to encourage your child or students to focus on learning, you’ll love the tools I have for you!

[Service Title] – Classroom Coaching Session: K-3 Grade

Description of Service:

(Appeal to pain points of ideal client) Are you a teacher who struggles with an unruly, inattentive class?  Are you searching for a tool that will help your class to become more attentive and truly love learning?

(Explain how your service solves the pain points mentioned above) In my K-3 classroom coaching sessions, I walk you through the 6-step process of stopping classroom chaos simply by using visual art and storytelling.  With age-appropriate lessons and techniques, you can help mold your students’ experience of learning into one of excitement and adventure.

With research-backed philosophy and beautiful visual tools, this repeatable coaching session is a time-efficient, cost-efficient resource that will give you the support and confidence you need to turn your wiggly little class into respectful, A-craving students!

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Megan’s Classroom Coaching Sessions were a-mazing!  Exactly what I needed to pinpoint how my teaching style was actually preventing my students from paying attention!  She gave me the simple tools I needed to turn everything around. After 2 months of implementation, my class of unruly 2nd graders has turned into an eager & excited group of little ones whose favorite part of the day is our History Story! Thank you, Megan!

-Teacher X