Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday episode!

Until now, I still can’t believe that my eldest son Ryan is graduating from High School! So for this Thursday, I really wanted to bring back this episode I did with him. We previously recorded this on his 13th birthday— another milestone we were celebrating back then.

This revisited version also includes the speech Ryan wrote at his middle school graduation; where we spoke so openly about his challenges with feelings of depression and anxiety during that time in his life. I hope that Ryan being so open about how he was feeling also inspires you or anyone you may share this with to speak up this mental health awareness month, as we continue to break the stigma around getting help.

So join me today as we honor Ryan in celebrating his graduation and moving on to the next chapter of his life in college!


Topics Discussed in this Episode:


Full Episode Show Notes

Check out the full shownotes from the original episode here: Ep 18: YOLO (You Only Live Once) and other Milestone Reflections with Ryan Neale


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