This month, in the Mother’s Quest Community, we’ve been celebrating the power of books. It made me think about this past episode with my mother Fran and her dear friend Sandy Klasky about their then 50 year old book club. This year, the book club will be turning 55 and is still going strong, even through the pandemic.

Listen to this conversation, and you’ll be inspired by the importance of friendship, the potential of books to bring people together, and the lessons we can learn from two grandmothers who have been through challenging times in our country and have lessons to share with us about what got them through.

Other Invitations To Celebrate the Power of Books:

✨Listen to this episode with author Andrea Scher where I talk about the Becoming 50 Manifesto I wrote using book spine poetry. I was inspired by an idea in Andrea’s book Wonder Seeker.

✨Check out my Becoming 50 Manifesto Book List and Purchase a book of your own from the list for your summer reading.

✨Get a copy of the Mother’s Quest Inspiration Guide or gift a copy to a special mother in your life

✨Sign up for the Tiny Book Course from my friends at Get it Done Productions and write a book of your own! Code JulieNeale will get you 10% off the course.

Full Episode Show Notes

Check out the full shownotes from the original episode here: EP34: Season Two Finale: The Power of Friendship and a 50 Year-Old Book Club with Fran Lieberman and Sandy Klasky


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