Last week on the podcast I shared a solocast about the power of manifestos and the many ways that we can express them. I was reminded that my first episode of the podcast, called “Planting Seeds for Mother’s Quest” was a manifesto itself, an expression of where I had been, where I was headed, and a commitment for how I wanted to live my life.

I decided this was a great time to reshare the episode. I hope this episode, and the solocast I recorded last week, may inspire you to take some time for reflection and create a manifesto of your own. If you’d like a process to support you along the way, check out the link to the Mother’s Quest Manifesto Challenge, a self-guided course, created just for this purpose, in the in Mother’s Quest MemberVault.


✨ Ep 91: The Power of Manifestos

✨ Manifesto Challenge Course

Full Episode Show Notes

Check out the full show notes from the original episode here: Ep 00: Planting Seeds for Mother’s Quest – An Introduction


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