“Working with Julie revolutionized the the way I hold myself as a mother. Since my son was born, I had been coming from a place of hardship and victimhood due to a difficult birth and a feeling of isolation. After two conversations with Julie, I had completely faced a limiting belief of how I needed to show up for my son, which allowed me to finally start showing up for MYSELF. It was such a game changer! After that, I started sleeping more, creating more boundaries and taking care of myself in a way that actually allowed me to live my life again. In addition to that, she had me re-write my story of motherhood as an empowered journey and it brought me to tears to see that everything that happened had it’s purpose and I was a stronger woman for it. If you want a coach who will really SHIFT you, and who is also an authentic, deep listener, who will also be honest with you about what needs to change in order for you to be an empowered mother- Julie is your woman!”

-Kari Azuma, Founder and Coach of Kari Azuma Personal Coaching, and Visionary for Empowered Mothers Everywhere