Start the School Year with Intention – Say “Yes” to Investing in Yourself

Start the School Year with Intention – Say “Yes” to Investing in Yourself

This school year, we had two big milestones in our family…my oldest, Ryan, started high school and my youngest, Jacob, began kindergarten. We’re now a few weeks in, and I’m grateful to say they’ve both transitioned beautifully, enjoying learning, making friends, and demonstrating newfound independence.

I did a few things that I know were essential to their success. Ryan and I spent the day before he started on a milestone hike, reflecting on his first eight years of school, what he learned, what he wants to leave behind, and his aspirations for the next four years. Jacob and I visited the school ahead of time so he would know what to expect, I talked with the principal and the teacher about his unique needs, and we started a “morning practice” to begin his days well.

All of these things were possible because I made sure to slow down myself first, get clear about my vision for a successful beginning, use my own reflection and coaching tools and the E.P.I.C. life framework, and tap into my network of support.

Time and time again, I learn that the best way to support my children for success is to invest in myself.  I want that for you. And if you haven’t yet carved out that space for yourself, the time is now. And I can help!

In honor of the start of the new school year, I’m offering a special rate for a 90 minute coaching session to help you and your children move forward into the fall with clarity and connection.
Read on to see if this could be right for you:


✔️Hopeful that the new school year will be a positive, powerful experience for your child?
✔️Thinking about how best to set your children up for success?
✔️Wondering what new practices you can build into your life and theirs to help make that possible?
✔️Getting lost in all the paperwork and volunteer requests and want to ground yourself in what’s most important?
✔️Ready to focus fully on YOU and YOUR life now that your kids will be in school?

If you’re feeling a similar desire to press “pause” on the busyness as I did and reflect on your vision for this year, what’s working and what needs to shift, and what key guidepost would help you move forward more intentionally, I’d love to support you with a 90 minute clarity coaching session.

You’ll leave with:
✔️Clarity about what matters most to you in your future vision for this year
✔️Reflection on what beliefs/ways of being you want to leave behind and what lessons you want to carry forward
✔️Commitment toward one E.P.I.C. Guidepost and key action(s) that will help you and your children move forward intentionally

Fall Special Clarity Coaching Session 
A 90 minute session for the price of a 60 minute session
Book By September 19th
Say “yes” if this is calling to you. It’s an investment in yourself and your children. 


Just click the link by Sept 19th to schedule a time at this special rate.