Mother’s Quest Tales of our Humanity #4 of 52

Mother’s Quest Tales of our Humanity #4 of 52

52 Mother’s Quest Tales of our Humanity…. (4/52)

Week Four

This week, I reconnected with filmmaker Kirthi Nath. Kirthi and I crossed paths years ago, when she worked at the Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) and submitted a film from youth she mentored to the Project YouthView film festival that I co-founded.

That film, called the APOLLOS, was my favorite film across a decade of showcasing youth-created film shorts, because it highlighted a story about young people, who in 1979, lobbied in Sacramento successfully to create Martin Luther King Day as a state holiday. They succeeded after others failed.

I highly recommend you click the link above and listen to this story. It will inspire you by the power of young people to make a difference, to have their voices heard, and to tell stories that need to be told.

That belief in the power of young people for change and to use their voices, is what drives the mother I’m highlighting in this week’s Tales of our Humanity series, Yong Pratt. Read on to hear about how Yong is harnessing the power of technology, much like Kirthi did for the youth creators of APOLLOS, to help her children and others to tell their stories. 

Here’s to the power of young people. Here’s to the possibility of technology to tell stories of resilience and change. Here’s to our humanity 

By Yong Pratt, Our Young Creators – She’s a veteran podcaster, author of the book, Raising A Superhero: How to Unleash Your Child’s 8 Super Powers & Propel Learning Through the Arts, mom of 2 daughters, wife, and lover of travel, coffee, reaching, and archery.

Teaching kids to share their voices for good using the devices they love

What if we could take an adventure with our kids to locales worldwide to serve communities AND teach them skills to use their devices to:

  • Report of their adventures
  • Share the impact they’re making as family in the world
  • Document the good work and the changes they’re creating

Can you imagine?

By equipping kids with real-world, hire-able skills (like podcasting and video production), we are demonstrating that we acknowledge their inherent value and all the gifts that make them unique.

We are opening doors to all the possibilities that exist for them now and in the future.

We are enabling our kids to use their voices to be beacons of hope, inspiration, and action.

We are giving them opportunities to become the innovators, servant leaders, and the creators of their own brighter futures – futures THEY control AND can fund.

And just so you know, I’m right in the mix with all of you.

My own kids have been my lab partners in this very experiment of teaching them real-world, hireable skills.

This is my 12-year-old Daphne working side by side with me in our PJs to create a masterclass that she and I co-taught. She put together the entire themed and animated slide deck knowing we’d have both kids and parents in the class. She took the outline I gave her and made it her own and she totally rocked it! What she created was so different (and way better) than I would have put together. The masterclass was infused with so much of what makes Daphne unique and the experience was an opportunity to bond, laugh, and build memories.

Soon after we did our first Masterclass together, she was hired by another amazing business owner to help her with her website, YouTube videos, and social media graphics. She was compensated for her services and used a portion of the funds to attend a week-long math and technology camp. To say that I’m one proud mama is an understatement.

Soon after we did our first Masterclass together, she was hired by another amazing business owner to help her with her website, YouTube videos, and social media graphics. She was compensated for her services and used a portion of the funds to attend a week-long math and technology camp. To say that I’m one proud mama is an understatement.

My oldest, Sophie who’s now 15, was hesitant to join us in the experiment in the beginning. She’s since changed her tune as she thinks about how she’ll fund her college education. Here’s a pic (again in jammies – are you noticing a theme? 😉 ) at the kitchen table working on our new Pinterest Page.

Each of us, kids included, has so much to share. Our gifts and our talents were bestowed on us for a very specific reason: to share our journey, our gifts, our successes, our failures, our moments of joy and bliss in the hopes that someone else can learn from us, reach success faster with our help and our stories, and be inspired to go boldly into the world to create more change, more positivity, more GOOD.

This, my friends, is the biggest gift we can give to our kids.

Let’s embrace the technology for what it is.

Let’s teach our kids to become intentional with the use of their technology.

Read the full article and watch the video here

Why these Tales?

I had a conversation with another mother about the state of our country right now and how hard it has felt to stay connected to our humanity…to turn our sadness and anger into responsibility and social action, to not shut off, to keep showing up to parent our children mindfully.

I decided I want to share one story each week for the next year about an engaged mother and her child that will reconnect us to perseverance, heart and resilience. To that spark in all of us, and in our children, to pursue the

things that matter, even when we feel like we might want to give up.

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In CA, at the time of the release of this episode, lawmakers are about to deliberate on two key police accountability bills, SB-1421 and AB-931. In advance of that deliberation, I’m working with Nikki Yeboah, the producer of a powerful play called (M)others, to bring forward the stories of those who’ve lost loved ones to police brutality to the Sacramento community and to the lawmakers who will vote on this bill. We need your help to raise funds, to spread the word, and to call CA lawmakers, urge them to attend, and to vote yes on these bills. Visit take-this-play-to-senate to learn more about this effort and how you can support. Willing to make phone calls to CA lawmakers? Find additional background and call scripts for the CA bills (among others) from Indivisible here

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So, I reached out to my friend and former podcast guest Lindsay McCarthy to see if she’d be willing to help. Lindsay is the author of the Miracle Morning for Parents and Families and an expert at inspiring moms like me to make these powerful morning practices work for our families.

If you’d like to come along for helpful daily prompts over the course of two weeks from Lindsay, personal reflections from me as I follow them, and group community and accountability, come over to the Mother’s Quest Facebook Group!

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