Mother’s Quest Mantra in Honor of Leslie Fischer

Mother’s Quest Mantra in Honor of Leslie Fischer

August 12, 2016

Below is a post I wrote the day after my childhood friend, Leslie Fischer, passed away. The words at the end of the post, and the way she lived her life, have stayed with me since that day, and inspired a “Mother’s Quest Mantra” that closes every episode of the season one podcast.


Beautiful people… One of my oldest childhood friends, Leslie Rabinovitz Fischer passed away in the night after a three plus year battle with pancreatic cancer.

The doctors said she defied everything they thought they knew as she continued to work at the City of Pasadena’s Art division in between going to chemo, walked at Pancreatic fundraisers, and showed up fully for her two children, speaking and glowing beautifully at her daughter’s bat mitzvah within the last year.

Here is what I know, even more fully with the example she set and the work of this challenge… Life is precious. Nothing matters more than the people we love, the work that lights us up and being of service to others. There is no time for bullshit, especially the bullshit we fabricate ourself out of our own self-limiting beliefs. Seize the day, love your people, honor your gifts. Typing through tears….