Ep 63: A Maker’s Journey to a Good Life with Jonathan Fields

Ep 63: A Maker’s Journey to a Good Life with Jonathan Fields

I’m so thrilled to bring you this full circle, Father’s Day special with someone whose podcast, community, programs, and even summer camp, have impacted me deeply, Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project.

Each Father’s Day, I interview one or two men for a change for the Mother’s Quest Podcast. So, I recently asked on Facebook which father, in their wildest dreams, my community members would most like to hear from.

Jonathan’s name came up again and again… alongside Dax Shepard and Obama!

Jonathan is dad, husband, award-winning author, and the executive-producer/host of the top-ranked Good Life Project® podcast, hailed by The Wall Street Journal as one of the top self-development podcasts and featured recently by Apple on-stage during its legendary annual event. The podcast is beloved by listeners world-wide, including myself, who appreciate the intimacy and depth of his interviews, with inspiring guests that in recent weeks alone have included Elizabeth Gilbert, Stedman Graham and Abby Wambach.

An innovator in the field of human potential, Jonathan is also the chief architect behind the world’s first “purpose archetypes”–what he calls the Sparketypes™–tapped by tens-of-thousands of individuals, companies and institutions, along with some Mother’s Quest members, seeking to amplify purpose, expression, performance, and flow.

In this conversation, Jonathan and I went to all the deep, reflective places across each E.P.I.C. guidepost, talking about everything from our Sparktypes to the influence of his mother, a “maker” like himself, how he really feels about the hero’s journey and living a good life, lessons we’ve learned about letting go of expectations with our children, and how to be creators but not to be defined by the things we create.

I’m so excited to bring you this conversation and Jonathan’s beautiful, powerful challenge for all of us, which he shares at the end. The whole interview, for me, felt like one amazing “epic snapshot moment” with a generous guide on a similar quest for meaning and connection. I hope you receive as much as I did.

Much appreciation,

This Episode is Dedicated by:
Sara Brannin-Mooser in honor of her mother, Maureen (aka Renee) Brannin

Sara is a Mind + Body Connector, a Soulful Adventurer, a Constant Learner, an Athlete, Mom, Partner, and Friend. She is the Chief Stillness + Strength Officer at Stoking Radiance and Director of Integrated Strength at Smash Gyms.

She ignites men and women to build strength and stillness to minimize anxiety and navigate loss on their road to radiance. She provides tools to strengthen the body and mind: full body strength training tied together with meditation and celebration.


Connect with her on Linkedin

In This Episode We Talk About:

  • Jonathan’s upbringing in the town of the Great Gatsby, influenced by the maker energy of his mother and the elements of water  

  • Critical thoughts about the hero’s journey, the reasons Jonathan doesn’t think it’s for everyone, and his current metric for a life well lived

  • How Jonathan is approaching the last summer home with his daughter before college and why we can’t try to short-cut our children’s journey to happiness by installing it

  • The Sparketypes Assessment and the way that learning about my own Sparketype solved a piece of the puzzle for me

  • Why Jonathan set aside Revolution U and the importance sometimes of letting go of the things that we create

  • How Jonathan invests in himself through his daily practice

  • The lessons learned from taking a weekly journey to an Amishcommunity where he made a guitar with his own hands

  • What Jonathan said when I asked him to share a conversation on his podcast that deeply transformed him

  • Jonathan’s perspective about building community and his own evolution to bringing guests on his podcast with not only shared values but also with diverse backgrounds and life experiences

Resources and Topics Mentioned:

This Week’s Challenge: 

For seven days, before getting out of bed, put one hand on your heart, put one hand your belly, close your eyes and just ask yourself, what do I most need today?

Give yourself a minute, 30 seconds, or whatever time you need without looking at a device. Just breath into that and make a commitment that at some point before you rest your head on the pillow at night, you will do at least one thing that helps you give yourself that need.

Learn More About Jonathan:

Jonathan Fields is a national bestselling author and the founder of Good Life Project®, one of the top-ranked podcasts in the world with a giant global, mission-driven community. The Wall Street Journal hailed Good Life Project as one of the top self-development podcasts, and Apple recently featured it on-stage during its legendary annual event.

An innovator in the field of human potential, Fields is also the chief architect behind the world’s first “purpose archetypes”–the Sparketypes™–tapped by tens-of-thousands of individuals, companies and institutions in the quest to amplify purpose, expression, performance and flow.

Jonathan’s latest book, How to Live a Good Life, became an instant national bestseller and #1 audiobook on Audible and his prior book, Uncertainty: Turning Fear and Doubt Into Fuel For Brilliance, was named #1 Personal Development Book by 800-CEO-READ. He is currently at work on a forthcoming book on the Sparketypes. Jonathan and his work have been featured widely in the media, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FastCompany, Entrepreneur, Forbes and Inc.

When Jonathan takes the stage as a keynote-presenter or program facilitator, he brings a rare ability to not just captivate with ideas and stories drawn from his own experience and years interviewing global visionaries, but also to tap into an expansive, international data-set derived from the Sparketype Assessment that reveals powerful insights about purpose, meaning, performance, expression and what it takes to truly to come alive and step into your fullest potential in work and life.

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Mother’s Quest Manifesto Give-Away

My guest today, Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project was instrumental in the creation of the E.P.I.C. Life framework, the foundation for all things Mother’s Quest. Living my version of an E.P.I.C. Life has really become my manifesto. And having this as a guiding light has been so helpful to me that I wanted to support you to create your own. Continuing through the month of June, join us in the free Mother’s Quest Facebook Group, where you’ll find a series of reflective prompts and live videos from other members to help spark your own.

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