Opening Our Spaces and Honoring Martin Luther King

Opening Our Spaces and Honoring Martin Luther King

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I wanted to share a profound experience I had through my podcast. Though this conversation took place a year ago, the messages and call to action are as relevant and needed as ever…

When I interviewed my friend and colleague, Jenjii Hysten, I was deeply moved by the authenticity and spirit of our conversation about coming together as mothers of sons across our differences.

I hadn’t planned it this way, but it must have been divine timing that this interview came out the week that we honor the legacy of Martin Luther King.


Toward the end of the interview, Jenjii reflects on Martin Luther King’s ability to bring together people of different races, different classes and different religions and to create space and place for them all to live in their truth and yet become one. And, she offers a challenge to all of us… some small way that we can help honor his legacy:

“We have to intentionally open up as adults our spaces and places to bring people who are not like us in, so that our children can see that we as adults are inclusive…that we don’t just say or read about it, but that we are it….we are not the multitude of sub-groups, but that we are human”

In our interview, Jenjii and I talked about how we have begun opening space and place for our families to come together. I invite you to listen if this calls to you and make a commitment to open your space and place to another family you have been wanting to reach out to.


I also know so many of you are carrying forward MLK’s legacy in other powerful ways. Let’s share here on this important day. What are you doing with your family on MLK Day to be of service? What are you doing in your life and work to move us toward equality, justice and connecting our common humanity? Or what new commitment do you want to make?