Are you ready for a truly epic life?

I remember the day I created the E.P.I.C. framework with a napkin and a pencil at my kitchen table. It was midnight and I had been having conversations in a private group all day with Harmony of the Good Life Project team about what I was really trying to do with this vision I had for Mother’s Quest.

Harmony was reflecting back to me what she thought she heard…”You want to help mothers have more balance in their lives,” she said. “You want to help them live better lives.”

“No!” I remember typing emphatically in the comments, pounding the keyboard as I went. It’s more than that! I want them to live their version of an “epic” life…the kind of life filled with all the things that matter most. A life where when you look back, perhaps when sitting on a porch with your grandchildren, you can tell the ones you love stories about all the things you did in your life, the experiences that shaped you, the challenges you overcame, the difference you made.”

I decided “epic,” though not a perfect word, best captured what I was trying to express.

But, there was more to it than this idea of the powerful “story” of our lives. I wondered whether it could also act as an acronym for all the things I was most on a quest for as a mother…the things that I think help us to live an epic life when we are raising our children.

So, I sat down with a napkin and a pencil and wrote out the first letter of epic “E” and sure enough, “Engaged” mindfully with our children came immediately to mind. “P” passionate and purposeful, the impact we make beyond our family. “I” invested in our ourselves. And “C” connected to a strong support network, so we’re in community on our journey. They all came out, within a minute, with clarity and ease at long last.

Since then, what I now call the “E.P.I.C. Framework” has become a guiding light in so many ways. It’s become the content of my interviews on the podcast, and a focus of my coaching programs. It provides a touchstone for how I’m living my life each day; something I scan for and check-in with myself about during my morning practice. It’s a manifesto for living my life.

In an interview with Graeme Seabrooke on the podcast, in time for Mother’s Day, she and I talked about the importance of having a manifesto and decided together to invite other mothers to create their own. We wanted each mother to have something in written or visual form that can act as an anchor for what matters most to them. And we wanted to give them permission to have it come with ease, to be something that could be communicated in as little as one minute.

Years later… this invitation has become an annual tradition, and this last spring we created a week-long experience in the Mother’s Quest Group to guide you through the process and give you inspiring examples of what others have created. In that process for myself, I decided to expand a little more on the guideposts, and to include E.P.I.C. “Values” as well. I’ve included the writing and images from my latest iteration here. Would love to know whether this resonates for you.

I also invite you to say “yes” to creating your own “Manifesto”… you can follow along with what we’ve created by joining the group or just take this idea and let it flow on your own. I can’t wait to see what comes into focus for you!

What is a Mom Manifesto?

Personal Manifesto definition – A declaration of your core values and beliefs, what you stand for, and how you intend to live your life. It functions both as a statement of principles and as a call to action.

The Mother’s Quest

Motherhood is a transformational journey,
not a destination.
Along the way, we discover, grow and change
alongside our children.

In the unexpected challenges of motherhood,
I found parts of myself I never knew existed.
But, also lost parts of myself.
And sidelined my dreams.

Then one day, I could no longer ignore the whispers.
I opened my eyes and saw the signs all around…
challenging me to choose myself.

To step into the fullest expression of who

I’m meant to be.
To answer the call of my own hero’s journey.
To become the author of my story.

I paused for reflection in a “spark moment” as I stood
at the threshold of a new chapter.
I thought I needed someone to open a door for me.
Then, I realized that if I didn’t first open the door…
give myself permission, and say “yes” to myself,
no one would be able to do that for me.

Today, I’m on an ongoing quest
to live my own unique version of an E.P.I.C. life…
and to inspire and champion my children to do the same.
I know that the impact I seek happens
when I lead the way by my own example.

The E.P.I.C. Guideposts are my markers.
If I focus on these,
my life will be filled with what matters most.

E: Engage mindfully with my children
P: Pursue passionate and purposeful impact,
making a difference beyond my family
I: Invest in myself and
C: Connect to a strong support network
so I am in community on my journey


And I live by a set of E.P.I.C. Values.


Deeply rooted, with all of this as my foundation,
I choose center-stage of my life.
And one day, when I’m older,
perhaps sitting on a porch with my grandchildren,
I can tell them all of my stories,
and the moments, connections and impact that mattered most.
Inspiring yet another generation
to live their E.P.I.C. lives.

E.P.I.C. Values

 E.P.I.C. Values:
E: Engagement with kindness, authenticity and generosity
P: Pause to reflect and make meaning of my life
and learn with a growth mindset
I: Inclusion, especially those marginalized,
raising my own awareness and
moving into solidarity and activism
C: Curiosity in service of not only myself
but also others, honoring boundaries and confidentiality

Write Your Own One Minute Mom Manifesto

When you hear the word “manifesto,” you might picture imagine a long, time-consuming process. In reality, we want you to feel so comfortable and confident articulating exactly what you believe about motherhood that you can easily recite your manifesto in one minute or less.

If you’re feeling ready to commit, or recommit to yours, the Mother’s Quest Manifesto Challenge and creation of a #oneminutemommanifesto may be the spark you need.

Through a five-day series of reflective prompts, you will be able to define the current chapter of your life, consider what you have learned and what you want to carry forward, and name what you are ready to let go of before moving into the next stage of your journey.

Visit to join our free Mother’s Quest group. Then go straight to the Mother’s Quest Manifesto “Unit” to find all the prompts. Once you’re created yours, share on social media with the hashtag #oneminutemommanifesto. 

I love Julie’s daily prompts and explanations. They are very simple, easy to follow and a great idea for mothers who are overwhelmed and want to create a more intentional experience for themselves in their motherhood and personal journey.

–Sneha Jhanb