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Democracy- My Favorite Jeans

Democracy is a denim-based casual lifestyle brand devoted to the woman who grew up with fashion but then got busy with life.

In 2010, on the principle of “Curve Equality,” which acknowledges that all shapes are not created equal, Democracy’s designers set out to create a jean that would maximize a woman’s shape by fusing together, style, comfort, and technology.

Be in the Room!

Join the only virtual incubator, accelerator and co-working space for impact-driven business owners with as much collective & personalized support you need to grow, scale & thrive.

Journey to Right Livelihood

Do you feel like you have to choose between financial success OR doing what you love?  Each fall, through the Journey to Right Livelihood, with Modern Mystics founder and coach Lindsay Pera, I delve deeper into how I can live my life’s purpose and grow my livelihood. I get to do it in community. It’s purpose, prosperity, and a dash of magic!

The Club

Heather Anderson is a community leader and marketing strategist who is passionate about businesses building together collaborations. She’s the Founder of The Mamahood, the largest and most diverse support group for mothers in the San Francisco Bay Area, and The Club, a holistic support group for women entrepreneurs.

Get It Done is a collaboration between Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith, two entrepreneurs, and writers who help make hard things ease-filled. Their co-creative courses and services help you turn your goals and dreams into reality. I became a super-fan when I completed my first book through participation in their Tiny Book Course and followed up with their Marketing Without Social Media Class. Their other offers are on my wish list!

Recommended Books*

I’ve had the honor of interviewing so many incredible authors on the podcast. I’m excited to offer this curation of books by Mother’s Quest Podcast guests that can light the way on your quest! Pick a book and then tune into the podcast episode with the author for extra insight and inspiration.

Recommended Products*

Sitting down to review spreadsheets, accounting reports, and preparing for taxes is my least favorite activity (you too?) If you’re looking for a system to organize your business in just 5 minutes a day, check out Nicole Barham’s 5-minute bookkeeper.

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