I was on vacation last week! Woo hoo! ?

Such great timing to take an exhale after season one of the podcast and have some time to really connect with myself and my family.

One highlight from the trip was watching Jacob swim for the first time without his swim instructor next to him or a swim vest.

He went in without the vest to see if he could do it “just one time,” but after making it to the other side of the pool with ease, he said out loud “How did I do that?”

I love how he really witnessed and took in, with delight, his accomplishment. He then proceeded to swim that way for the next hour.

On the other side of uncertainty was a newfound confidence, joy and pride.

I realize I felt similarly when I wrote my post to you Sunday morning reflecting on the season. I scrolled through all the 18 episodes and thought “How did I do that?”

This has me curious about you. What have you accomplished recently that stopped you in your tracks to pause, acknowledge your growth and celebrate?

Or, what are you dreaming about or gearing up to do that has you feeling uncertain? And, how might I or someone in the Mother’s Quest Group help?

I would love if you took a minute to share in the comments…