Happy Birthday to my very own mom, Fran Hoenig Lieberman! ?

This photo is not the most current, but an important one for me as it represents the unconditional love and support you have always given me, Mom.

For 10 years, the Project YouthView Film Festival was close to my heart, and after the first year (when I realized I created something special that I was sorry you missed!) you flew up for the event every single year after, from Los Angeles, to be right by my side.

So much of the person I aspire to be is modeled after you…your incredible warmth, how you value community, your championing of social justice issues, what a loving friend, wife, and mother you are, and your ability to appreciate every phase of your life when you are in it.

Last week, you honored your mom, my grandmother, through our new feature on the Mother’s Quest Podcast…a “dedication.” I see so many of those qualities that you named in your mom in you…and I am so grateful Grandma brought you into this world on this day so many (well not that many!) years ago.

❤️?Love you mom,

P.S. I read this to Jake and he picked the hearts just for you