Some of My Favorite Gift Ideas: For the holidays this year, I created my first ever Mother’s Quest Holiday Guide. This guide celebrates people whose stories and journeys I want to shed a light on along with gifts that will help light your way. I highlight a member of the Mother’s Quest Community, my conversation with them on the podcast, and an item you can purchase from them as a gift to yourself or other people in your life.

To Download the Holiday Guide, click here


Starting with the E.P.I.C. Guidepost “E” for “engaging mindfully with our children.

I’m honored to feature my conversation on the podcast with diversity, equity and inclusion strategist and leadership coach Nicole Lee and encourage you to purchase as a gift to yourself Nicole’s new book “Raising Antiracist Kids: The Power of Intentional Conversations About Race and Parenting.”

You can find show notes and links to listen to my conversation with Nicole here:

You can learn more about Nicole’s work and where you can purchase her book here:


Moving to P in the E.P.I.C. Guideposts – Passion and Purpose

I want to shine a light on speaker, author and coach Chandra Brooks @brookschandra77 who’s Powerhouse Academy has been a catalyst for so many women, and particularly women of color, to step into their leadership and impact.

Take a look and learn about the Powerhouse Academy here to see if this is a gift you want to give yourself:

And tune into my episode with Chandra on the podcast. It’s from a few years ago before she solidified her vision for the Powerhouse Academy, and still beautifully captures her journey and message:


Follow the E.P.I.C. Guidepost “I” – Invest In Yourself

I’m excited to feature my very own sister, Caren Lieberman Lettiere, founder of Democracy Clothing, with favorite pieces of mine that bring comfort and confidence, so we can all look good and feel good while doing well.

Follow the E.P.I.C. Guidepost “I” – Invest In Yourself during the holidays by picking out something special from the incredible jeans, sweaters, tops, jackets, and more at

During times when there is not a site-wide sale, you can use the code MothersQuest at check-out for 25% off your order.

To learn more about how Democracy got started, visit the blog post where Caren shares the Democracy creation story:

And for more about Caren’s E.P.I.C. life, tune into my episode with Caren on the Mother’s Quest Podcast here:


Connect – the C in my E.P.I.C. Guideposts

I’m excited to feature someone near and dear to me, an amazing friend, pastor, coach, podcast guest, and now the author of her first book, Jenjii Faith @jenjiifaith of Blaze Consulting.

Jenjii’s new book “Beyond The Hashtag: The Spirit, Heart, and Love of Black Men” includes 13 love letters to the Black men who have meant the world to Jenjii, including her father, who since passed away, her sons, brothers, husband, Prince, and others.

The book is currently on my bedside table, where I’m reading these intimate and beautiful letters, one or two a night, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, and always feeling inspired, enriched, and expanded by Jenjii’s words. What she has created is profound and feels like the healing remedy we need right now.

To purchase your own signed copy of the book, reach out to Jenjii directly and pay via Venmo @Jenjii-Hysten or

To learn about Jenjii and her husband Franklin Hysten’s transformative organizational coaching and consulting work visit

To listen to our episode together on the podcast, one which was a catalyst for the anti-racism conversations I’ve recorded since tune in here:


Another Idea to “E” Engage Mindfully with Your Children

I’m excited to feature the amazing Nancy Netherland, mom to two teenage girls living with chronic illness, self-proclaimed “mom-ologist,” health advocate, and founder of the non-profit Kids and Caregivers. More about the support Nancy provides here:

If you’re looking for a special gift for caregivers and their kids…take a look at what Nancy and her girls co-created, just one of their many “Gratitools,” Grati-Cards!

Each card In the deck of 52 has a gratitude prompt and a mind-body wellness practice, with original artwork and a tin travel box.
Every time you buy a deck Nancy gives a deck to a family with a chronically ill child.

To purchase a Grati-deck, visit

To listen to my conversation on the podcast with Nancy, one of the most downloaded find the links to listen on any of your favorite podcast apps here:

And If you’d like to participate in a four-session coaching series, co-facilitated by me and Nancy, sign up for the Mother’s Quest Caregiver Circle here:


For a focus on “P” in E.P.I.C., our passionate and purposeful impact.

I’m excited to feature one of my most recent podcast guests, Alexia Vernon.

If one of the ways that you want to make an impact is to own your voice, recognize your worth, and speak with moxie, you’ll want to gift yourself Lex’s book, “Step Into Your Moxie!”

You can order your copy here::

And If you’re ready to develop a signature talk and get paid to speak on stages (in real life someday soon and virtual now) then you may want to invest in Lex’s upcoming Spotlight Speaker Accelerator. Mother’s Quest is an affiliate for the program, so will receive a bonus if you participate using the MQ link. Check It out here:

If you haven’t yet heard my conversation on the podcast with Lex, all about her E.P.I.C. life, and how she has learned to speak with moxie, you can listen here:


Invest in Yourself By Putting Yourself on the Calendar

The amazing Graeme Seabrook, who is also known as the “Mom for Moms” focuses on the “I” in E.P.I.C., Investing In ourselves. Graeme Is masterful at helping us put ourselves on the calendar, and what better way to do that than gifting ourselves the Whole Human Mama Planner?

Check it out here: The subscription includes 4 planners + extras + one-month free membership in Graeme’s supportive community, The Mom Center!

You can also get some inspiration for how you can reclaim your life as a whole human, yes even while being a mother, by tuning into my episode with Graeme on the Podcast:


Connect To Powerful Gifts To Support Immigrant Families

Belinda Arriaga, USF Professor, a leader at Bay Area Border Relief, and Founder and Executive Director of Ayudando Latinos a Soñar, a non-profit which stands for Believing in Latinos to Dream, dedicated to working with Latino families and asylum seekers living on coastside in S.F. Bay Area.
Belinda has recently become an author of a new beautifully done children’s book, “Love and Monsters in Sofia’s Life,” which reminds us to be vigilant in our support for our immigrant neighbors and the call for immigration reform.

You can order your copy here:

Another gift that supports Belinda’s work is to purchase a mask through ALAS. Each $12 mask purchase includes shipping/handling and supports farmworkers, laborers, house cleaners, and other hardworking folk along the San Mateo County coast or families seeking asylum at the border. They are so pretty too!

You can also listen to my conversation with Belinda on the Podcast to hear about her E.P.I.C. life journey and her work supporting immigrants and immigrants’ rights here:


Finale: E.P.I.C. – Some Special Mother’s Quest Gifts for You!

The Mother’s Quest Inspiration Guide!: In October I invested in myself and enrolled in the Tiny Book Club where I authored my first book – The Mother’s Quest Inspiration Guide: Spark Your E.P.I.C. Life, which will be available for purchase soon.  If you would like one of the first copies, please sign up on our mailing list so we can let you know when it becomes available.  >

Gift Idea for Mothers who are also Caregivers: The holidays can be inspiring and exhausting for mothers. We recognize that for mothers who are also caregivers, getting support, and connecting with peers can be critical. If you’re on a quest to live an E.P.I.C. life, but you’ve been feeling challenged, isolated, or unsure of the path ahead, the Mother’s Quest Caregiver Circle may be the source of connection you’re looking for. Invest in yourself or give the gift of connection and community to another with the Mother’s Quest Caregiver Circle. You can find more information and how to enroll for the January session here


All of these mothers, their work in the world, and their gifts are things I deeply believe In and am honored to share with you. A few I’m also connected to as an affiliate, meaning Mother’s Quest could receive a commission, and that means  in addition to supporting them, you will support Mother’s Quest. Gifts all around!