This weekend, I had a lazy morning in bed, reflecting back on the first season of the podcast and feeling so grateful for the opportunity…and for all of you who have made this season possible in countless ways.

What an amazing experience this has been! The conversations I’ve had have filled my cup and enriched my life more than I could have imagined. Here are a just a few “spark moments” that stand out for me:

  • My first solocast, episode #00 when I re-read the letter to myself from the workshop with Elizabeth Gilbert, giving myself permission to conquer my fears and share my voice in a new way
  • The moment in episode #7 with Jenjii Hysten when, after reflecting on my experience visiting her ministry, we connected to our common humanity as mothers that transcends race, class and religion
  • When Amanda Steinberg, author of Worth It, in episode #14, told me that sometimes the risk of NOT investing in ourselves has a higher price than the risk of making an investment. I had her repeat that back to me more than once.
  • In my latest episode #18 with my own son Ryan, when he shared his observation that by me being a “little selfish” (which he said he meant in the most positive way) I impacted him immensely by showing him the importance of pursuing a passion.

There are moments like this from EVERY episode for me, with so many incredible women who I interviewed… moments and lessons I now carry with me into the next chapter of my E.P.I.C. life.

What about you? What are the moments that stand out for you from the different episodes? Leave us a voice message or share in the comments below.

And, if you feel called, I’d love to share your voice in the season finale.

To submit something for consideration by April 6th, use the purple phone icon or your own favorite voice memo tool, and send me a message with your name, favorite moment, and its impact on you that I can edit straight into the finale episode.

I would be honored and grateful to hear your reflections!

Until then, I want to close out with the mantra inspired by the life of my friend Leslie that I’m thinking about a lot today…


Seize the day

Love your people

Honor your gifts