Honored to share this special revisited episode of a conversation I had a year ago with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, titled “Intersectionality and The Age of the New Heroine.” This episode was one of my most impactful conversations and one that set me on my own heroine’s journey to use my voice and leadership in new ways.

So much has happened since that conversation. Sparked by that episode, and the horror of the Charlottesville Rally that took place a few weeks later, I launched the Women Podcasters in Solidarity Initiative and held a series of interviews on the subject of anti-racism and police brutality. I hosted an Impact Circle with other mothers where we made commitments to step into more action and raised dollars and awareness for the groundbreaking work of Mothers Against Police Brutality.

I kept taking steps, one after the other.. Elizabeth invited me to speak about this work and my journey on a panel at her Gaia Women Lead Conference, and a week later, I witnessed the story of Laurie Valdez and other women who have lost loved ones to police brutality in the powerful play (M)others. The last few months brought me to a Father’s Day special episode with Assemblymember Rob Bonta on the podcast where we talked about his commitment to this issue and I began working with the play (M)others’ producer to bring the play to Sacramento ahead of key votes on critical police accountability bills in CA SB-1421 and AB-931.

Along the way, messages from my conversation with Elizabeth have taken on deeper meaning, I’ve learned powerful lessons from incredible guides, and experienced signs and synchronicities that help me realize I’m moving forward on an aligned and purposeful path.

So, it also felt right at this full circle moment to re-release the episode with a new introduction with reflections a year in, and a new dedication provided by one of my guides, activist, coach, speaker and now co-host of the new Families Fighting Mass Incarceration Podcast, Chandra Brooks.

In this new introduction, I share five lessons I’ve learned over the last year as I moved into anti-racism and police accountability advocacy:

Lesson #1 – Be willing to hold discomfort and a growth mindset

Lesson #2 – Move from guilt into responsibility and action

Lesson #3 – Raise your awareness and bear witness to the impact of police brutality

Lesson #4 – Open yourself to signs and synchronicities on the journey

Lesson #5 – Choose to answer the call

If there is a cause that is calling to you, but you haven’t yet answered it, consider this post your cosmic nudge to take your first few steps, find your guides, and trust that you can make a difference.

And, if making a difference on the issue of police brutality is one that has been calling you, but you didn’t know how you could help…there is an opportunity in CA RIGHT NOW that needs every soul who is willing…

✨To support bringing (M)others to Sacramento through contributing money to and sharing the GoFundMe page (linked below). Though we reached out initial fundraising goal, additional funds will enable the play’s producer to bring (M)others to other cities in CA.

✨To reach out to CA lawmakers to urge them to vote yes on AB 931 and SB 1421; and,

✨To urge lawmakers and those you know in Sacramento to attend the play on August 13th or August 16th and witness the powerful (M)others stories that need to be heard.

Along this journey, I took a class called Diversity is an Asset with Desiree Adaway and Jessica Fish. One of the points that Desiree drives home at the end of every call is that none of us can truly be free until all of us are free.  I hope these reflections and the episode to follow from Elizabeth inspires you to step from guilt and helplessness into action, into your own heroine’s journey, and to working toward freedom for all of us.

Resources Mentioned:

The (M)others Play  and the (M)others GoFundMe Site
Ep 07: Living Out Loud with Jenjii Hysten
Ep 32: Sit at the Table & Own Your Power with Chandra Brooks
Ep 27: Courageous Conversations about Race with Nicole Lee
Ep 31: Brave Spaces and Solidarity with “Rad Women” Author Kate Schatz
Ep 33: Beyond the Trauma: Legacy, Compassion and Change with Mothers Against Police Brutality Co-Founder Sara Mokuria
Ep 44: A Family Legacy of Service and Leadership with California Assemblymember Rob Bonta
Women Podcasters in Solidarity – explore the series I recorded on anti-racism and police accountability and over a dozen other powerful episodes recorded by other podcasters who joined the Initiative.
Recent Resistance Live Broadcast from Elizabeth that had me cheering again 

Diversity is an Asset Post from Desiree Adaway written after the Charlottesville Rally 
Phone Scripts and other Resources for CA Police Accountability Advocacy [Editable &Printable]

This Episode is Dedicated by:

Chandra Brooks, author of the book called Black, Brown & Political: Get Informed, Get Empowered and Change the Game and co-founder of the new podcast, Families Fighting Mass Incarceration. Dedicated to the organizers of the San Jose Women’s March 2018, Vicky Mattson and Jenny Bradanini.

Families Fighting Mass Incarceration Podcast
Black, Brown & Political: Get Informed, Get Empowered and Change the Game!

Original Show Notes for Episode 24: Intersectionality and the Age of the New Heroine with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

Hello and welcome to this Episode #24 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast. I’m so honored to bring you this important and powerful conversation today with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin, who through her daily Resistance Lives on Facebook, guides thousands of us with a voice of reason and optimism during the twists and turns of today’s political landscape.

Known as a “celebrated career coach” and “fearless entrepreneur” Elizabeth, a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a J.D. from George Washington University Law School, transitioned from a fifteen year career as a Wall Street securities litigator and trial lawyer to found The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership. The organization offers virtual and live programming that cultivates leaders from the ground up to to grow what they call “New Paradigm Women’s Leadership.”

Elizabeth is also a mindful mother. No matter how full her life gets leading women around the globe or fighting for our democracy, she prioritizes bringing presence and focus to her two children, both under the age of 5.

In this episode, we talk about how Elizabeth grew up in a very progressive community and had a strong intuition she would make a massive difference in the world. She attended her first protest when she was just 15 years old and now she’s leading a new awakening in activism – one that challenges her over 20,000 followers, of which I am one, to take daily political action, to truly listen to one another and to others with differing perspectives, and move forward as intersectional feminists, shoulder to shoulder.

We also talk about the new heroine’s journey where the heroine brings back the lessons learned along the way, her words of wisdom for me as I set out to raise awareness and create space for uncomfortable but important conversations about race, how we can “bear witness” for those who have different experiences than our own, and Elizabeth’s challenge to all of us to use our voice for change.

We packed so much depth and wisdom in this conversation, including the first ever lightning round exploration of the E.P.I.C. Guideposts.

I look forward to hearing about the ways in which this episode will inspire you and invite you to join the Mother’s Quest Facebook Group to share with us and participate in a special Q & A on Thursday, August 3rd at 11:30 am PST with activist, leadership specialist, and former NAACP Vice President Chandra Brooks.

I left this conversation feeling more inspired than ever myself to step up and into the role of the New Heroine during these times. Moved by my experience with Elizabeth, I commit to daily political action, to stretch myself to have brave conversations and use my voice for change, to truly listen to others, and to consciously cultivate this Mother’s Quest community I’m growing.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Elizabeth’s unique upbringing in progressive New Hope, Pennsylvania where 50% of the population was gay and there was a strong counter-culture.
  • The necessity of letting go of our anger, being willing to listen, and leading from a place of healing to hold a vision for and create the holistic society we seek.
  • The feminine energy and ongoing cyclical nature of the New Heroine’s Journey.
  • The massive acceleration of purpose and mission brought about by our current political situation.
  • Intersectionality within the Resistance and how women with privilege need to investigate our own internal biases so we can create a culture where everyone is safe regardless of our race, gender, sexual orientation or immigration status.
  • Feedback for me on an initiative I’m exploring to raise awareness and funds for Black Lives Matter; the importance of listening and “bearing witness” for communities who have different experiences than ours.
  • The profound moment of reconciliation at the Gaia Lead Conference that had everyone in tears.
  • The importance of consciously cultivating the businesses, work-places and communities that represent all of us and how even the smallest gestures of reaching out can really make a difference.
  • A lightning round version of how the E.P.I.C. guideposts are showing up in Elizabeth’s life and the lessons she’s learning along her heroic journey.

This Week’s Challenge:

Elizabeth asks us to think of ways we can stretch ourselves, outside of our comfort zone, to use our voice for good. And believe that we can change the world by making a difference even in one person’s life.

Resources mentioned in this episode:


Take this Play to Senate – Support our GoFundMe Campaign & Action Steps

In CA, at the time of the release of this episode, lawmakers are about to deliberate on two key police accountability bills, SB-1421 and AB-931. In advance of that deliberation, I’m working with Nikki Yeboah, the producer of a powerful play called (M)others, to bring forward the stories of those who’ve lost loved ones to police brutality to the Sacramento community and to the lawmakers who will vote on this bill. We need your help to raise funds, to spread the word, and to call CA lawmakers, urge them to attend, and to vote yes on these bills. Visit gofundme.com/slash take-this-play-to-senate to learn more about this effort and how you can support. Willing to make phone calls to CA lawmakers? Find additional background and call scripts for the CA bills (among others) from Indivisible here https://www.indivisible.org/resource/police-reform-california/.

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Watch Elizabeth: #ResistanceLive

Shoutout to @Robin Arzon who inspired today’s ferocious end to this broadcast
Trump’s confession this weekend on Twitter, whether it’s admissible, and what is means for him and anyone else he conspired with
Hope Hicks rides AF1 with the President, which could mean potential witness tampering
A discussion of how we change the world “brick by brick”
And lastly, why white people, and white men in particular, need to be considering their privilege right now– what they’ve gained from it, and what they’re willing to give up– so that we can all be free
Black women mentioned in this broadcast who I encourage you to follow: Kenidra Woods, Melanie Campbell, Nicole Lee, Avis Jones-DeWeever LaTosha Brown Staci Jordan Shelton Desiree Lynn Adaway Ericka Hines


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