I’m excited to share this Episode #39 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast with a special guest who I seemed destined to know, and who I’ll have the pleasure of meeting in person when we both speak at the upcoming Gaia Women Lead Conference in May, Alethea Cheng Fitzpatrick. 

The immigrant daughter of immigrant parents from Hong Kong, Alethea was born in London and grew up in a predominantly white community in the south of England. Today, she lives in Brooklyn, where she moved after university, with her husband and her two boys, currently aged 9 and 6.

An Advanced Certified Coach with the Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership and a Myers Briggs Certified Practitioner, Alethea is also the founder of Photosanity, where she helps parents find presence, joy and connection through photographing their kids. She has a background in architecture, with a BArch from Pratt Institute, and almost 20 years of experience as a licensed architect in NYC.

Alethea is a multi-passionate person who has arrived at a point in her life where all the parts of herself and her path weave together in unique ways. In this episode, Alethea and I explore the many ways that she finds presence in her life. We discuss how the current political landscape has caused uncomfortable but important personal growth in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion in both of us, how motherhood can turboboost our connection to ourselves and how we can use photography as a tool to bring mindfulness with our children and grace to ourselves as mothers. 

We also discuss what she’s discovering about how the Myers Briggs personality assessment, in women’s leadership and in parenthood, identifies our preferences and helps us make choices that energize rather than drain us. 

Finally, Alethea gives us all a challenge to reflect on our own “zone of genius” and will come back into the Mother’s Quest Facebook group on April 24th for a live conversation to help us make sense of what we learn. Make sure to join the Mother’s Quest Facebook Group to receive your invitation to that event.

I was so energized by this conversation with Alethea. I hope you, like me, come away from this conversation excited and inspired to look at how the threads of your own life weave together, what your personality preferences are, and how you can become more fully present and in your zone of genius for a more E.P.I.C. life.

This episode dedicated by:

Katie Hanus for her grandmother, Marion Walden Cowan.

Katie’s Blog, The Nature Wheel


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • How Alethea and I came to know one another through our mutual quest for activism after Trump was elected

  • Who packs school lunches for Alethea’s children and how that may have been shaped by her growing up in a household with non-stereotypical gender roles

  • What it was like growing up as an Asian immigrant in a predominantly white community of England and how that impacts her today

  • How becoming a mother can turboboost you into becoming your true self and what Alethea wishes she could tell every new mother

  • Alethea’s path to finding Myers Briggs as a tool for understanding the natural preferences in herself, her children, and her clients and the ways it might support you

  • Capturing a moment through photography as a vehicle for deep connection and tool to bring even greater presence to our lives

  • Brave spaces that Alethea participates in to build dialogue and connection across differences

  • Alethea’s challenge to explore our “zone of genius” as a first step to understanding our personality preferences

This Week’s Challenge:

Alethea urges us to think about where our Zone of Genius lies, as a powerful reflection to do prior to exploring preferences from the Myers Briggs Framework.

The Zone of Genius is a place where there is the most amount of impact with the least amount of effort. When you are in the Zone of Genius, things come with ease, synchronicity abounds, and you have many aha moments.

Observe throughout your day when you feel energized from doing something and take snapshots of those moments to gather data. Encourage your children to do the same. Review Alethea’s article on this for more background and share your observations and photos in the Facebook Group. Then, join us for a live conversation and Q &A with Alethea in the Group on Tuesday, May 23rd.

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