I’m honored to share this Episode #38 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast with someone who even my children were excited I was interviewing… best-selling, award-winning, children’s recording artist Laurie Berkner.

Widely recognized as the uncrowned queen of children’s music, Laurie’s albums, released on her own label Two Tomatoes, have been best sellers beloved by children and adults alike.  Her debut DVD, which went quadruple platinum, was the first-ever indie children’s music DVD to enter Billboard’s Top Music Video chart at #1. Laurie’s twelfth album, Laurie Berkner: the Dance Remixes, was released in September 2017.

A longtime fixture on TV’s Nick Jr. and Sprout channels, Laurie’s music videos now appear regularly on NBCUniversal’s Universal Kids channel. And she’s ventured into new creative endeavors, writing the music and lyrics for three Off-Broadway children’s musicals produced by New York City Children’s Theater and publishing a series of Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, including Pillowland, which has become my son Jacob’s story and song of choice at bedtime.

Laurie’s music bridges a divide between parents and their children and invites connection, joy and meaning. In our conversation, I was compelled by the stories Laurie shared about families whose children have cancer and listen to her music for comfort in the hospital or whose children have autism and their first words were the names of Laurie’s songs.

For her, bringing opportunities for connection and making space for creative expression is her true mission and has begun to take many forms. I was fascinated to learn about the unplanned path that brought her from preschool teacher to children’s musician, and how the tenets that inform her music training program, to stop talking and “put it in the music,” to let children express themselves in their own voice, and to follow children’s rhythm and leadership are powerful metaphors for parenthood and life.

I loved every moment of this conversation, but especially the end, where Laurie recounted a recent E.P.I.C. snapshot moment with her own daughter and then closed us out with her guitar in hand singing my favorite song of hers, “Moon, Moon, Moon.”

I felt so enriched by this conversation, and following Laurie’s guidance, I’m committed to creating more space for emotion, connection, play and music with my children.

But, there’s also something else. The day after I recorded this episode and had the honor of hearing Laurie sing about the moon, I took in the power of the Lunar Eclipse and the rare Blue Moon, sending an email to Laurie to note the synchronicity of it all. I was struck again to learn that as I release this episode, Dr. Roz, the woman beautifully honored in the dedication for this episode, would have celebrated her birthday this week, if she were still alive today.

So, I also leave this experience with renewed faith in ripple effects beyond what we first imagine and a reverence for following the rhythm in our lives, if we make the space to listen.

This episode dedicated by:

Denise W. Barreto, Relationships Matter Now, LLC

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • What I was doing when I stopped everything to find Laurie’s contact information and invite her to come onto the podcast
  • The influence Laurie’s driven working mother had on instilling the belief that Laurie could create a meaningful career
  • Laurie’s true life mission which has nothing specifically to do with music or children
  • The unplanned path that led Laurie to become a children’s musician and the new forms that Laurie’s creativity has taken her in recent years
  • Laurie’s music mentor, Ruth Alperson and how her advice shaped how Laurie engages children with music
  • What happened in the preschool classroom that led to the creation of her first song, “We are the Dinosaurs”
  • Laurie’s key tenets for children’s music like “Sing it Don’t Say It,” and “Singing in a Child’s Voice,” and how that informed a music training program she created to help children feel ownership and leadership
  • How what we “create” are gifts to the world and the unexpected ripple effects that Laurie’s music has had on families, especially families with children who are ill or have special needs
  • The importance of following rhythm in many forms
  • How the E.P.I.C. Guideposts show up in Laurie’s life and how she is on a quest to bring more of the “I,” investment in herself, through meditation, exercise and more.
  • The importance of making space for connection with our children, managing our use of screens, and the very special family time Laurie has established with her family every night
  • How Laurie’s E.P.I.C. Snapshot moment with her own daughter reflected back everything Laurie has sought to create through her music for others

This Week’s Challenge:

Make space for connection and music with your own children. Use music in your daily routine by turning an ordinary task with your child into a song.

Remember to:

  • Sing it, don’t say it
  • Incorporate your children’s own sense of internal rhythm into the music
  • Bring in playfulness

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