Hello and welcome to this special solocast, a chance for me to reflect on the first full year of living what I call my E.P.I.C. Life, the first year of the podcast, and what feels like the ending of a first chapter of this journey as I get ready to launch Season Three. After a long winter break, one my son Ryan especially encouraged me to take, I’m back and I’m so honored and excited for what’s to come. 

Before recording this solocast, I was interviewed on Sage Hobbs’ Naked Conversations Podcast. She asked me right out of the gate what courage means to me. I encourage you to tune into that conversation when it comes out for the full story on my answer, but in essence I said, “Courage to me is standing in my truth and power, even in the face of fear, for love.” 

I love the quest I’ve been on. I love those of you who I’ve met along the journey. And I love this vision for Mother’s Quest and all it stands for. So, I’m bravely recording again, with a commitment along the way to do my best to let go of perfection and share what feels true. 

Spring is Coming – And Season Three With It

I’m recording and bringing this episode to you in early March 2018, as seeds are sprouting and even some flowers have begun blooming and there is this sense of spring coming in the air. In many of my coaching circles that I’ve been facilitating, we’ve been using the metaphor of planting seeds as we’ve all set intentions for what we want to create in our life this spring. And I decided that I wanted to carry this metaphor of seeds and growth forward in this episode. 

It seems fitting and full circle because the first episode I ever recorded,episode 00, which was also a solocast, was called Planting Seeds for Mother’s Quest. That episode captured all the moments, experiences and wishes I had as I set forward to build this vision for Mother’s Quest. Since then, there has been so much growth, in myself, in my family, and in the Mother’s Quest Community. 

I want to use this episode that I’m calling “Sprouting Seeds for Mother’s Quest,” to reflect on what’s already taken visible form from those intentions I set over a year ago, some of the gifts I’ve taken from the women who have come onto the podcast to share their stories and words of wisdom, and also to share what I’m on a quest for now and therefore what you can expect in Season Three. 

This episode dedicated by:

Jody Smith, a like-minded mother on a quest who is getting ready to launch her own mission, a children’s book that empowers girls. Visit princessmonroe.com to learn more.

E.P.I.C. Guideposts

In this episode, I explore just a few moments from the podcast across the guideposts that have impacted me most:

E –  Ways to be more mindfully engaged. I’ve made space for more “special time,” inspired by my conversation with Dr. Elisa Song, adventure fridays, inspired by Paola Mendoza, and lots of reflective conversation in the car with my children. One of the things I’ve continued to appreciate the most is the way in which my children have shared with me and supported me. One that stands out is Jacob’s “focus on our goodness” comment after Trump was elected which became the message on the sign at the first Women’s March which I attended and his advice to me before I did my first live event interview. Inspired by my challenge with my mentor Karen Baker, I’ve begun engaging my children more deeply in service as well. 
Selected Clip: And there was this moment, with my son Ryan, which I share on the podcast episode with Kristina Kuzmic.

Ep 11: “Flawed” with Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic

P – Making a passionate and purposeful impact beyond my family. So much has changed with Mother’s Quest as this vehicle I’ve developed. Since I launched the podcast, the MQ Community has grown to almost 500 members, I’ve launched my first Mother’s Quest Circle, and I’ve taken on a dream client in the organization Emerging Women to facilitate circles for them. My podcast interview with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin helped me to develop more of what I call an activist muscle, led me to have an opportunity to interview her in person at her live event in the bay area and to be invited as a panelist for her upcoming Gaia Lead Conference. But the greatest impact I think has been my willingness to share about my experience along the way, bringing back reflections, challenges, and lessons learned with my family and community.
Selected Clip: This part of my conversation with Elizabeth summarized well this unique aspect of the heroine’s journey. 

Ep 24: Intersectionality and the Age of the New Heroine with Elizabeth Cronise McLaughlin

I – Investing in myself. My conversation with Lindsay McCarthy about the Miracle Morning, and the 10 day challenge we then did in the facebook group, definitely expanded my morning practice, and an exploration of my own roots through a Jewish practice called Mussar with Edie Raphael Brotman built upon that. Danielle Dutton shined a light on the importance of meditation and taking time to yourself. My conversation with Nicole Lee was instrumental in helping me hold a growth mindset for myself and my children when it comes to courageous conversations about race. 
Selected Clip: This reminder about self-care that came forward in my conversation with Women’s March organizer Paola Mendoza, about its importance as an act of political warfare and about building moments of self-care into your daily life, has also stayed with me. 

Ep 16: Rising Up with Paola Mendoza

C – Connecting to experiences of gratitude with the people in our lives and building relationships. Nancy Netherland’s conversation touched me in so many ways, and has deepened my gratitude practice with my husband and my children. My conversation with Samantha Ettus helped me think about the importance of inviting people into my home and reaching out when I’m feeling the need for connection. As a result, I hosted my first ever Multicultural Yom Kippur Break the Fast and also hosted a tea and did an interview of my friend Chelsea Bonini who was running for City Council. 
Selected Clip: Finally, I really appreciated this moment on the podcast with Nicole Lee about building connections across differences and the importance of authentic relationships that are not transactional. I’ve come back to this again and again, and am honored to now count Nicole Lee as a friend. 

Ep 27: Courageous Conversations about Race with Nicole Lee

What I’m on a quest for now: 

Without a doubt, my E.P.I.C. life is still, as it should be, a work in progress. Some challenges I’ve made progress on and even feel a sense of completion about. Others I have taken some steps, but more work is ahead, need to circle back to them, and trust they will resurface or I’ll make movement at just the right time. There are other goals and areas for learning that have come into sharper focus. Here are some things I’m most on a quest for and will be bringing guests on to help light the way for. Tune into the podcast for specifics on some of the guests who are already confirmed or on my wish list:

E – To honor my children. I want to continue to engage mindfully with my children and to more deeply understand who they are and how to support them to grow into their fullest expression of themselves. 

P –  Moving away from fear and resistance and into more ease and flow, especially in my work and continuing to grow my social justice lens and my activist muscle. 

I – Continuing to grow my skills in being mindful and present. I’m on a quest to cook and eat more healthy food for myself and my family, balancing my own use of screen-time, finding help in navigating changing hormones as I get older and improving my time management and organizational skills. 

C- Connection with my own ancestors, roots and rituals. Deepening friendships, networks of support during challenging times, and making time to nurture my relationship with my husband. 

Along with these intentions and directions for conversation and growth, I’m committed to two  particular things as I move forward into this next two chapter. 

1)The first is to remember that it’s the journey and not the destination that is what it’s really all about. 

2) The second is a commitment to live MY version of an E.P.I.C. life, not somebody’s else’s, and to continue digging into more and more what that really means for me. And also to support YOU in defining what that means for you. 

This Week’s Challenge:

Read my post on how my meaning of the ultimate success has changed over the last year.  Grab your journal, think about what you might have defined as your E.P.I.C. life in the past and then identify what feels more real for you now. 

Answer these questions…

  • What are you most on a quest for now? 
  • What does YOUR version of an E.P.I.C. life, not someone else’s, mean to YOU? 


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