Hello and welcome to this episode #20 and the first in Season Two of the Mother’s Quest Podcast!

This week’s guest, Kathleen Shannon, embodies the qualities of an independent, hard-working feminist. She also has this incredible generosity and openness and has impacted so many women, including myself, by sharing her experiences as a mother and an entrepreneur.

Kathleen is the co-founder of Braid Creative & Consulting and the co-host of one of my favorites, the Being Boss podcast for creative entrepreneurs. Through her work at Braid Creative and Being Boss she has helped thousands of creative entrepreneurs from all over the world authentically brand and position themselves as creative experts, cultivate confidence in their business, and blend more of who they are into the work they do.

When she’s not podcasting, writing a book, or shaping her next newsletter she’s hanging with her husband Jeremy and their toddler Fox.

In this episode, Kathleen reflects on the impact her mother’s unconditional love and acceptance had on her, giving her the freedom to be herself along with the secure foundation to be creative and explore.

We talk about the challenges of motherhood, the profound experience of her home birth, the sleep deprivation she experienced in her first year, and the tough decisions she’s had to make to build her businesses and be fully present for her son

She also shares how she’s learned to ask for help. Her fiercely independent attitude made it difficult for her to get support from her network. But learning to lean on her support network allows her to make a passionate & purposeful impact beyond her son and in turn allowed her son to learn to love other people and experience opportunities that she alone can’t provide him.

Kathleen also shares how she invests in herself by prioritizing her health, creating white space, and owning her schedule. And, she gives us two challenges, the first to reach out to someone to care for our child and the second to spend some time with our calendars, designing our ideal week and noticing the gap between the ideal and the real.

I loved connecting personally with Kathleen and left the conversation enriched by the spectrum between surrender and control, security and freedom and a sense of excitement for re-designing my time to allow for the full range of both.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Kathleen’s unusual and early first memory
  • How freedom within the context of security allowed Kathleen’s creativity to thrive
  • Kathleen’s experience giving birth to Fox, which she says felt like seeing God, made her more connected to herself, and is the coolest thing she’s ever done
  • The impact of sleep deprivation and the importance of asking for help
  • We don’t have to be present for our kids 24/7 but we should be fully present in the moments that have the most meaning
  • A recent example where Kathleen realized she’s really making the difference she wants to make
  • Creating balance, white space, community, and the impact of one on one conversations
  • The conflict of creating comfort and stability for Kathleen’s child while being creative and adventurous
  • How putting relationships first and business second is what makes partnerships thrive
  • Connecting the dots between being a mother and being a boss

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