In 2018, I sat down for a special Mother’s Day episode with Graeme Seabrook, a life coach and maternal health advocate, affectionately known by the thousands of mothers she supported as the “Mom for Moms.” We hit it off immediately, delving deep into her Motherhood Bill of Rights and my E.P.I.C. life framework, and noticing that both had become manifestos for how we wanted to live our lives while raising our children.

During that episode, we co-created what we called a Manifesto Challenge, inviting other mothers to create their own. And afterward, we would reconnect in some way each May, grateful to know that the episode and the challenge could spark an opportunity for others to reclaim themselves in motherhood.

In 2021, Graeme became ill and spent the next several years in bed, visiting doctors, and coming to terms with the fact that she had somehow suffered brain damage. Along the way, she realized she would need to burn her manifesto down to the ground before creating it anew. Living and mothering through hard and sometimes life-threatening times, and now feeling a little better, she has reemerged, reframing her work in the world as a front-porch philosopher who writes about the intersection between modern motherhood and humanity.

When I read a recent blog post from Graeme and realized this would be the five-year anniversary of the Manifesto Challenge, I reached out. I asked if she felt up to recording a special episode with me, where we could interview one another, reflect on the changes and challenges in our lives, and reconnect about the power of manifestos. 

I’m so glad that Graeme said yes to my invitation and I’m honored to share this episode with you. Our hour together was more unstructured than my typical interviews, real and unfiltered, and filled with Graeme’s signature blend of laughter, tears and powerful insights. I hope you’ll leave this conversation, as Graeme and I both did, open to the truth that change sometimes sucks, but that there can be unexpected joys discovered along the way, and that there is always power in owning and sharing our stories.


About Graeme Seabrook :

Graeme Seabrook was once a life coach and maternal mental health advocate who supported thousands of mothers. Since becoming disabled in 2021, she has reframed her work in the world and is now a front-porch philosopher who writes about the intersection between modern motherhood and humanity. When she’s not tending her garden, knitting on her porch, or playing video games with her kids, you can find her on Instagram or on her website –


Connect with Graeme Seabrook:

Learn more about one of Graeme’s unexpected joys, gardening, and how you can support her with her gardening dream here.

Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • Graeme’s experience navigating illness and disability, core experiences that have shaped her life over the last two years
  • The old and negative narratives about herself that Graeme has finally learned, in her bones, are untrue 
  • Author Octavia Butler’s words that have resonated for Graeme about change, and Graeme’s honest reflection that “sometimes change sucks” 
  • My wishes for Mother’s Day, everything from a sauna to a million Mom manifestos 
  • The recommendation from Graeme’s neurologist that resulted in a new passion, knitting, that she can do from her bed 
  • My son’s knee condition, osteochondritis dissecans, a “change that sucks” and some of the unexpected joys we have discovered even in the midst of it 
  • The words of wisdom Graeme has for me, a parent trying to support a child with a physical disability 
  • What I’m embracing at this stage of my life 
  • How Graeme’s husband and friends have shown up for her in amazing ways and what it has taught her about her own worthiness
  • Graeme’s commitment to write a mini-manifesto and why it’s more than ok to make it small 
  • An invitation to participate in this year’s 7 day Manifesto Challenge, a self-guided course  

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This Episode’s Challenge:

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