This fall, I was honored to participate as a community host for a reboot of a Zibby Owens podcast, now called Moms Don’t Have Time to Move and Shake. The reflection and recording of the episode was transformative for me, shifting the way I think about my body, especially in this stage of my life, at the age of 50.

I asked Zibby and team if I could share the solocast on the Mother’s Quest feed as well and they said “yes.” So, I’m thrilled to bring this conversation to you here. If you’re interested in hearing the voices and stories of the additional community hosts for the season, follow the show notes for the link or add the podcast on any of your favorite podcast apps. They are each powerful in their own way.

I hope you enjoy this deeply personal episode, originally recorded for Moms Don’t Have Time to Move & Shake, a Zcast production.

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At the age of 50 and post menopause, life and leadership coach, mom to 2 differently wired boys, podcaster, and founder of Mother’s Quest, Julie Neale, is on a mission to fully embrace her body during this new season of life. In this deeply personal solocast, through the power of reflection, Julie shares 3 guiding principles that are helping her in her relationship with her body, epic snapshot moments of times when she felt most embodied throughout her life, and a commitment letter she wrote from herself to her body. Whatever age and stage you are in, Julie invites you to take her challenge and try these reflective practices yourself and hopes that this conversation sparks a reclamation of your own.

Find the show notes Julie mentions here.

About Moms Don’t Have Time to Move and Shake 

Zibby Owens, the host of award-winning literary podcast Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books, brings you a conversational talk show, woman-to-woman, designed to help you feel better in your body. In July 2022, the former Moms Don’t Have Time to Lose Weight podcast transformed into the all-new, community-hosted podcast, Moms Don’t Have Time to Move & Shake! A Zcast production. Music by Morning Moon Music.

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Episode #5: Live your E.P.I.C. Life to Help Your Children Thrive