Ever wanted to create a manifesto, a personal declaration of how you want to live your life? In this new solocast on the podcast, I share my story of creating manifestos, more about what they are, the many different ways that we can express them, and an invitation for you to create your own!

In this Episode:

    • The full circle moment with my two children this summer that reminded me of the power of having a manifesto. 
    • The meaning and origin of the word manifesto.
      How I came to create my first manifesto through a course with Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project Podcast. 
    • Five different suggestions for expressing a manifesto.
    • A reading of my Becoming 50 Manifesto that I created through Book Spine Poetry.

This Episode’s Challenge: 

Create your own manifesto. Share it with us in the Mother’s Quest Facebook Community, email it to julie@mothersquest.com or tell someone special in your life. Declare it to others to make it real. If you’d like some support to move you through a reflective process to help you clarify your manifesto, we’ve created a self-guided Manifesto Challenge Course in Mother’s Quest MemberVault.

Resources/Episodes Mentioned:

My Becoming 50 Manifesto:

Child of the Moon

Wonder Seeker
Conduit of
Big Magic 

I Am My Mother’s Daughter
And also descended from
Women Who Run With Wolves

Daring Greatly
I choose to
Live Love Now
To grow

An Awakened Family
Raising Happiness
In myself, my Partner and my Children

From Scratch
Bird by Bird
Tapping the potential of my
Divergent Mind
I will build
Conscious Community

Rooted in
Just Mercy

By the Essence of Who I Am
And Who We Are
We Should All Be Millionaires
Materially and Metaphorically
Living in
Stress Free Prosperity

Tapping the Power of
Emergent Strategy

Alongside my 
Learning and living in a
I will remember we are always

And that
You Were Born For This  

You can purchase the books named in the Becoming 50 Manifesto here.