I’m excited to bring you this Episode #23 of the Mother’s Quest Podcast. I’m just back from an amazing week at one of my most favorite places, UCLA’s Bruin Woods Family Camp in Lake Arrowhead, where I felt like I had an amazing reset…a chance to unplug and notice some patterns from a fresh perspective.

It’s so perfect then, that I came back to put the finishing touches on this episode with author of the Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, Lindsay McCarthy. I’ve been wanting to have Lindsay on the podcast for a while now; I knew I had a lot to learn from her about how to change my relationship with mornings, but I didn’t realize our conversation would inspire a collaborative 30 day Mother’s Quest Miracle Morning Challenge that will start Monday, July 17th.

Lindsay is a wife and homeschool mom of two kids. She is the co-author of The Miracle Morning for Parents and Families, has a facebook community of the same name, and is creator of GratefulParent.com where she blogs.

Lindsay and I have a lot in common in that neither of us could have imagined we would step into owning and sharing our voice and our story with others until fairly recently, she through her book and me through the podcast.

We go deep in this conversation about the epic journey that brought Lindsay from attending a conference where she met Miracle Morning author Hal Alred to essentially writing a manual for bringing the Miracle Morning practice to parents and families.

We talk about our mutual love of frameworks and acronyms and how she and her husband adapted the Miracle Morning’s SAVERS to create their own acronym, CHARMS, which brings Creativity, Health, Affirmations, Reading, Meditation, and Service to her children every morning.

I love how Lindsay brings intentionality and mindfulness to her parenting and how she’s living her own version of an E.P.I.C. life, one rooted in being an amazing mom and co-creating incredible learning experiences for her children. She helped me change my perception of what homeschooling can look like and realize that we are all like a homeschooling mom when we seek opportunities for our children to pursue their curiosity and passions.

I’m also impressed by how committed Lindsay is to this Miracle Morning practice which has dramatically changed her family’s life and the lives of so many others through her book and group.

I’m thrilled I finally got a chance to talk with Lindsay and that together we will create this collaborative challenge. I have a strong feeling that this Miracle Morning practice will make a huge difference for me and I know I need some support and accountability to make it happen. I can’t imagine a better guide than Lindsay and I hope you’ll choose to come along with us.

This Week’s Challenge:

Join us for the 30-Day Mother’s Quest Miracle Morning Challenge. Sign up to follow us with daily prompts and reflections in the Mother’s Quest Facebook Group.

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Lindsay’s mother modeled creating opportunities for her children by setting up a field hockey team for her and other girls in their community.

  • How attending Hal Elrod’s One Life Fully Lived conference in 2014 provided an opportunity for Lindsay to create what became like an operating manual for her family

  • The importance of having a morning practice.

  • How the C.H.A.R.M.S. (Creativity, Health, Affirmations, Reading, Meditation, Service) framework works in their family and how it can be adapted for other families.

  • Tips on “Habit Stacking” and adding mindfulness and purpose to everyday activities.

  • Working with a spiritual coach to support self discovery.

  • Slowing down to have the space to create what you truly want.

  • How Lindsay came to homeschooling her children, how she accesses other resources outside of her home as part of that, and how we are all homeschoolers in some way with our children

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