Testimonial: Jamie Greenwood

“The first words that come to mind when I think of Julie are curious, engaged, open and brilliant listener. She has an uncanny ability to ask just the right question to get you thinking in a wholly unique and thoughtful way and our conversations always lead to hidden gems I didn’t even know were there.”

-Jamie Greenwood

Feedback: Brittney Lee

What was the context within which you worked with Julie? How did you work with Julie?
Julie had just starting out in coaching, looking to get practice, give feedback on her sessions. Three free sessions. Single mom, dealing with a lot, knew wanted to make positive changes, needed support to figure it out.

What hesitations did you have about working with Julie?
None. Knew Julie from BASE. Very open to her help.

What results have you achieved since you started working together?
Had two short sessions. First session…Julie just listened. Asked me, what changes do you want to make. What I really like, Julie doesn’t push any opinions or tell me what to do…she asked me the right questions that allowed me to talk myself thru the process. Assumed that I had the right answers, and needed support to use tools I already have. Set goals, find job, move. Accomplished all my goals. Night shift, day shift, school…sometimes going three days without sleep. Needed changes. She helped me get clarity, state out loud what I wanted, never had done goal setting. First person to help understand and get on track with goal setting.

What did you like best about working with Julie?
Gave me space to talk. But didn’t led me wander too much. Guided convo with questions. Kept us on task also. I felt comfortable.

How else have you benefited from your work together?
Third session 8-12 months later. Julie pointed out I had achieved my goals! Made me feel good about it. Made me stop to acknowledge my accomplishments. Don’t usually take time to do this. Stop and smell the roses. This was really powerful to me.

Would you recommend Julie and her services? If so, why and to whom?
Yes! To anyone, especially who is cloudy. Knew I wanted to do it, but not sure how. For someone in situation like this, unclear, needs next steps. Set goals.

Is there anything you would have liked to see done differently? If so, what?
No. Just would have gone longer if could afford it. Ready now to set new goals. Something Julie was good at, when I set a goal, she helped me push deeper…if I said I wanted to feel “settled” she’d ask, “what does that mean to you?”

What’s the most important thing people should know about working with Julie?
Truly caring and loving person. Passionate about her work. Listens, you can tell that she is truly listening based on questions she asks. Even without talking to her for a year, she still remembered all the details about what we were working on. Truly cares and wants people she works with to make make progress.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Testimonial: Kari Azuma

Testimonial: Kari Azuma

“Working with Julie revolutionized the the way I hold myself as a mother. Since my son was born, I had been coming from a place of hardship and victimhood due to a difficult birth and a feeling of isolation. After two conversations with Julie, I had completely faced a limiting belief of how I needed to show up for my son, which allowed me to finally start showing up for MYSELF. It was such a game changer! After that, I started sleeping more, creating more boundaries and taking care of myself in a way that actually allowed me to live my life again. In addition to that, she had me re-write my story of motherhood as an empowered journey and it brought me to tears to see that everything that happened had it’s purpose and I was a stronger woman for it. If you want a coach who will really SHIFT you, and who is also an authentic, deep listener, who will also be honest with you about what needs to change in order for you to be an empowered mother- Julie is your woman!”

-Kari Azuma, Founder and Coach of Kari Azuma Personal Coaching, and Visionary for Empowered Mothers Everywhere