Caregiver Circle

Given the times that we are in, and an increasing commitment we have to make sure that Mother’s Quest Coaching programs are financially accessible, we decided to adopt Mark Silver’s “Pay from the Heart” approach for the Group Coaching Series.

Put simply, Pay From The Heart means you check in with your heart and arrive at a payment that feels right to you.

We hope that you can arrive at a number that allows you to feel invested in this commitment, and may be a little bit of a stretch, without being a strain, and that also values Mother’s Quest and helps us sustain the work we do in the world.

We decided, from the heart, to set the introductory price at $540.

The more sustainable price for each participant is $648. 

The price that helps us thrive? $720.

This price also helps support those who need to pay less than the $540 minimum.

You can pay less than $540. If you are in a situation where spending $540 is not feasible and you are committed to participating fully, you are invited with an open heart to choose an amount lower than our minimum. We are serious about welcoming you.

You may also opt to contribute more than $720, just click the link below and type in the amount you wish to give.

How it works.

First decide if you are going to join us. Check in to see if this experience really calls to you right now and if you have the ability to make the commitment to the process. 

Then, if you decide “Yes,” make a decision of how much. Connect to the reality of your financial situation and to your heart to find a number that feels right. We trust you will make an aligned decision, and we welcome you!

NOTE: This series is open to all MQ coaching or circle alums and will also be available to YOU, If you register, any time I offer this series again, at no additional charge.

if the amount you wish to pay

is not in the dropdown button above,

please click this link

and enter the amount from your heart