As a former college athlete and now Sports Mom raising two little athletes, Beth believes that Sports Moms are so much more than just taxi-drivers, laundry attendants, and water girls. They are strong women, from every walk of life, raising their boys and girls to become men and women of substance and character through the backdrop of sports.

So she created a company, Sports Moms United, dedicated to supporting Sports Moms everywhere. From the little leagues to the big leagues, the company and community provide Sports Moms with resources to help raise a nutritionally fit, physically fit and mentally fit athlete.

Tell us a little about your childhood and the impact your mother had on shaping you…

My mother was a powerhouse. A powerhouse of love. When I was young, it was embarrassing. She would stop and talk to everyone. She saw everyone through this filter of love and so she never knew a stranger. I was impatient then..just wanted her to stop talking and move on so we could buy our groceries and get home. But she didn’t operate that way. She operated from a place of community and recognition…taking the time to recognize the beauty of a tiny new baby and her proud mother, taking the time to recognize a smile hiding some pain…she could spot it and bring love to it. She is gone now and wow, I would love a second chance to walk again with her, through the grocery store, and just watch her. I would stay in there all day if she wanted to talk to every single person in that store. It was her gift. I am grateful for mature eyes and a mature heart that sees and embraces that gift today and I want to pass it on.

What has been a “spark moment” or “moments” that set you on your path?

In serving the Sports Mom community, the spark moment came last year when I was considering who I wanted to serve in my business. I knew the impact my mom had on me and I also knew that her impact went beyond me, but to many of my teammates over the years. I wanted to honor her.

What is your passion and purpose (the “P” in EPIC)?

I am passionate about serving Sports Moms. I have a heart for them.

What are you currently reading or listening to for inspiration?

Listening to God right now for inspiration.

What is one message or affirmation you tell yourself to ground you on your quest?

I am always in the right place, at the right time, doing the right activity.

In one word, what are you seeking most right now on your Quest?


What challenge or offering would you like to share with the Mother’s Quest Community?

If you are a Sports Mom, come get connected, supported and united with an awesome community in our Sports Moms United Facebook Group.

How did you learn about Mother’s Quest?

The amazing Julie Lieberman Neale

What have you appreciated the most about Mother’s Quest?

I love the principle of living an E.P.I.C life! I am loving Episode #27 with Nicole Lee right now.

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