Hello, and welcome to the second special episode this month of the mother’s quest podcast in honor of Father’s Day! With someone I’ve known and admired for over a decade through our connection as alternatives and action, California Assemblymember Rob Bonta. This month of June has been a time to focus on the amazing fathers in our lives, it’s also been primary election month in many communities. 

When I thought about who I could interview who was both an amazing father and committed to a life of public service, Rob immediately came to mind when we pressed record on this interview. Rob has just been elected for a fourth term to the California state assemblies 18th district, where he represents the cities of Oakland, Alameda, and San Leandro and in 2012 became the first Filipino American legislator in the 165-year history of California.

So join us in this episode as we celebrate amazing fathers all over the world!

About Rob:

From a young age, Rob saw and experienced firsthand how those with limited power and wealth were so frequently cheated and taken advantage of by those who hold both. With his parents teaching him that harm against one is a crime to all, Rob made the decision to become a public servant– serving justice for those that hailed from his circumstances.

Growing up and becoming a legislator, Rob rose to become a national leader on criminal justice issues and is the first Filipino-American to serve as California’s Attorney General.

Connect with Rob:


Topics Discussed in this Episode:

  • The activist and public service seeds were planted in Rob and his siblings from his parents and Rob’s E.P.I.C. snapshop childhood memories in the presence of César Chávez and organizing for Mexican American Farmworkers’ rights.
  • How Rob’s parents fled the Philippines for the security of the family before the Martial Law era of Ferdinand Marcos
  • The way that Rob and his wife, Mialisa, make time for each child and share with their kids what they love and care
  • The many causes Rob is championing in his role as Assemblymember.
  • Rob’s position on the gravity of solving the problem of police violence in our country, an exploration of two new California bills aimed at reducing police violence, and the requests I made of Rob to go further in his commitment.
  • How being in his home community restores and fulfills Rob and how his love of soccer, since the days that he served as captain of Yale’s Soccer team,  continues to be a way that Rob invests in his own well-being.
  • Rob and Mialisa’s love story, how they continue staying together, and the extended family that supports them
  • Rob’s awareness that this interview provided an opportunity to “Get off of the dance floor and onto the balcony” to survey the big picture and reflect
  • What Rob really thinks is the enemy of democracy and his challenge for all of us


Full Episode Show Notes

Check out the full shownotes from the original episode here: Ep 44: A Family Legacy of Service and Leadership with California Assemblymember Rob Bonta


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