52 Mother’s Quest Tales of our Humanity…. (2/52)
Dedicated to the memory of Nia Wilson

Why these Tales? – I had a conversation with another mother about the state of our country right now and how hard it has felt to stay connected to our humanity…to turn our sadness and anger into responsibility and social action, to not shut off, to keep showing up to parent our children mindfully.

I decided I want to share one story each week for the next year about an engaged mother and her child that will reconnect us to perseverance, heart and resilience. To that spark in all of us, and in our children, to pursue the things that matter, even when we feel like we might want to give up.

Week Two
This week, on the heels of attending Kate Schatz’ launch event for her new book “RAD GIRLS CAN,” and in the wake of the tragic loss of life and promise of Nia Simmons, I’m honored to share a series of stories about an incredible 7 year-old girl, Havana, written by her mother Bethany Edwards.

Along with the support of her parents, Havana is already proving there are so many things she CAN do to make a difference, defying stereotypes based on the color of her skin and her age, at every turn.

Havana sees the potential in herself and in her peers. She said it best at a recent event where she spoke “Every single girl in this room is a warrior. And every girl here can change the world.” 

Here’s to Havana, here’s to her mother Bethany, here’s to our humanity 




Changemaker– a big word that simply means starting something that matters. Furthermore, being a changemaker could matter to 1 person or 1 million people. But to act on injustice or inequality, I recognize that changemakers come in all shapes and sizes.

Recently, my 7-year-old daughter Havana was featured on national and international news. From the outside looking in, there were millions of people applauding her for being a change maker. They even went as far as calling her a hero.

From inside looking out, we were in disbelief watching a simple act get millions of heads to turn in her direction for simply doing what she thought was right in the moment.

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One of the most incredible opportunities I have ever had is spending 9 days on a literacy adventure to fight for girl’s education with not 1, but 2 future astronauts!

My daughter Havana met up with philanthropist, activist, as well as all around wonderful Taylor Richardson to travel to Ghana in West Africa for a literacy adventure.

Wrinkle in Time Ghana

It started with Taylor raising over $100,000 to send girls to see Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time. She had screenings and passed out books in cities all over the United States. Additionally, Taylor also donated books and sponsored a screening for the girls in her Havana’s book club with her choir.

After Taylor met Oprah Winfrey at the world premiere of the movie, as well as Good Morning America, Taylor and Havana decided to take their fight for girl’s education global. Learn more about their partnership: Changemakers Come in all Shapes and Sizes.

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Meet The Dynamic Duo On A Determined Mission To Bring Books To Girls In Ghana Orphanage

In February, 7-year-old Havana Chapman-Edwards, one of the most inspiring girls we know, launched a crowdfunding campaign so she could buy books for kids in a book club she started; kids who she says, “look like me”. She met her original goal of $6,000 and is not stopping there. Havana just joined forces with 14-year-old Taylor Richardson, another inspiring change-maker we are honored to know. Together, this dynamic duo is raising $15,000 to fund a girl-powered, book-fueled mission that will take them to Ghana this July… and we can all help them get there.

Havana started her Rhymers Are Readers book club last year for members of her church choir. She says her original goal was to help “all 12 of my choir friends feel confident in their reading ability and to see kids who look like them in the books they read.” At each monthly club meeting, Havana reads a book aloud about “an amazing female black role model”, women and girls whom she counts as her “sheroes”.

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Bethany Edwards is an elementary educator and reading specialist. She has taught in the U.S. as well as international schools in 5 different countries. Her goal is to encourage diverse representation in teaching literacy skills. She is a children’s book activist fighting for girls around the world to have equal access to an education.

Her website is full of resources to empower and arm families/ teachers with tools to teach children to read. She also promotes global citizenship through reading diverse books, traveling, and learning multiple languages!

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