Live Your EPIC Year

is more than a planner…

it’s your doorway

to living your version of

an E.P.I.C. life while raising

your kids.

As mothers, we spend so much time helping our children reach for their dreams. We can forget that this is our “one precious life” too. And that our children learn most by our example. 

And when our motherhood journey hits some bumps in the road that knock us off course, which it will, it’s even more important to make space for ourselves and reclaim our lives. 

The pages of the Live Your EPIC Life Planner can help you design a life filled with what matters most to you, as you reflect on your E.P.I.C. Intentions, Daily Practices, and Daily Gratitude

Get your Live Your EPIC Life Planner today – now is always a good time to say “yes”to yourself and to your EPIC Life.

Planner available in dated daily and weekly, undated 90-day, and a digital version.

You’re Raising The Next Generation

Being present for your children is a high priority.
You are also committed to having an impact beyond your family and becoming the fullest expression of who you are meant to be.

Only sometimes in the flurry of school drop-offs and your endless to-do list, you forget to pay attention to your whole self, this one precious life you are living, and what you’re learning along the way.

Say NO to days that slip away in a chaotic blur
And YES to days filled with epic snapshot moments.

Not picture perfect…but real and meaningful

You can show up for your children and for yourself.

Want Space to Reflect and Plan For What Matters Most?

You need more structure than blank pages

You need more freedom than prescribed systems

How about a framework that empowers you to become the

author of your story AND is based on a set of holistic


Reflect. Capture. Plan. Celebrate. Your E.P.I.C. Life

You become the author of your story when you give yourself permission to live your version of an E.P.I.C. life (not someone else’s!) when you regularly identify what’s working and what needs to shift, and when you set intentions that lead to inspired action.

The EPIC Life Planner Is Your Invitation To All That and More



At the start of the year, chart your course and give yourself permission for a year of meaning


Each month, assess your life across the E.P.I.C. Guideposts, set intentions and care instructions for the intentions to grow


Organize and mark your days with E.P.I.C. intentions, daily practices, and gratitude.               


Close each month with clarity about the lessons you’ve learned and identify the epic snapshot moments you want to remember


Your EPIC Year Planner is rooted in six years of Mother’s Quest Podcast conversations, signature coaching experiences and vibrant Facebook community. Purchase your Planner and Tap Into Something Bigger With This Bonus.

Bonus: Monthly “Plan With Me Sessions”

Meet via zoom with Julie Neale and other members of Mother’s Quest the first weekend of every month to reflect on the month that has closed and plan for the month ahead as we set intentions according to the E.P.I.C. Life Framework. Fill the pages of your planner together, in community. 


Mother’s Quest founder, Julie Neale honors the magic, mess, and meaning of parenthood and believes our children challenge us to grow into our best selves.

She is on a mission to live a truly E.P.I.C. life and, through her example, inspire her children to do the same. As the parent of two neurodivergent children, and with the discovery of her own ADHD diagnosis at the age of 50, she knows what’s its like to hit a few bumps in the road. 

Her “for-purpose” venture, Mother’s Quest, provides inspiration, coaching and relationship-building so that mothers, and those who work with young people, can connect to support and resources, fulfill their unique purpose, and live their E.P.I.C. lives.

After a 20-year career as a leader in youth-serving non-profit organizations, Julie turned her focus to coaching, training at the Coaches Training Institute, and facilitating a process known as “reflection” for youth development professionals.

Through this and her parenting experience, she realized that mothers need an opportunity to reflect on their own growth, dreams, and plans and created Mother’s Quest to champion them.

With calm and care, Julie taps into her own curiosity and intuition, to help her clients slow down from the busyness of life and work, reflect on what matters, clarify a future vision, and move into action.

When I first heard Julie was creating a planner, I was so excited. From my experience with Mother’s Quest and with her, I knew it would be not only supportive in my life but fun. Then I got it in the mail, it was more beautiful and thoughtfully made than I even expected. When I write on the pages of this planner, I feel inspired and organized. I love to reflect and this planner has so many opportunities for just that. I know that in the months and years to come, I have a planner to go to and I no longer have to search for the “perfect one.”

Carolina M-g Ayala-Velasquez

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Spiral Planner 


The 2023 Spiral Planner comes in a daily, weekly, and undated 90-day version, all with the E.P.I.C. framework as the foundation.   

Price: $61-$87                              

New: Digital Planner

The interactive planner lets you experience the E.P.I.C. framework and capture your reflections in a digital format. 

Price: $24.99                       

Hardcover/Softcover         90-Day Planner 

Spiral planners not your thing? Explore the bound hard and soft cover options available on Amazon.

 Prices starting at $28 


Planner + Spark Your E.P.I.C. Year Virtual Milestone Hike


Cost includes planner plus shipping. In February, join us for an annual tradition, a live interactive virtual guided meditation experience, with opportunities to share with one another along the way, that will start your year with intention. Capture your reflections straight into your planner. A replay will be available if you cannot attend live. 

Price: $97+


Planner + Virtual Hike + Spark Your E.P.I.C. Life Course


Cost includes planner plus shipping. Get access to the Virtual Milestone Hike and to the newly created Spark Your E.P.I.C. Life Course, a self-guided journey based on the signature Mother’s Quest Coaching Series. Videos, exercises, and a workbook will help you  jumpstart a life filled with what matters.

Price: $347+

The Live Your EPIC Year Daily Planner has been invaluable in keeping me going toward my goals this year. 

I used the Monthly Reflections to pause and take stock of the month just past.  These tools helped me understand and capture the most profound, in my case, painful moments that deserved thought and time to process and grieve.  These monthly reflections also show me the moments of joy and achievement that this year has brought.

The full page each day was the most valuable tool in supporting my consistency.  Prior to this year and this tool, I had not made daily self-care a practice.  As a busy working professional and married mom, it is both challenging and critical to prioritize my own self-care. With this tool, I wrote a plan for each day, and then felt that I had achieved something with each line I crossed off. This self-care has been my safety-net in keeping my stress levels manageable.  As part of each day, I have built in meditation, affirmations, and visualization.

The E.P.I.C. Intentions were the second most important tool, as was recognizing that E.P.I.C. does not have to mean overwhelmingly huge. Some days my E.P.I.C. Intentions included mailing a card to a family member or taking a walk during my lunch. All of these daily intentions have added up to a year of achievements that I am proud of achieving despite heart-breaking challenges.

I am looking forward to using this tool in this coming year as I continue my journey.

Laura Stratton