While the Mother’s Quest Podcast takes a break between seasons, I thought it would be helpful to celebrate and share a summary of the episodes we released in Season Four. If you haven’t listened yet, these are new to you! 

I hope these conversations help light the way for you on your quest as you begin your new year. Take a look at the episodes below and download one today that calls to you, or let me know what you’re most on a quest for, and I’ll personally recommend an episode for you.

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Episode #58: Slay Your Dragon of Self-Doubt with Katherine Wintsch

We launched Season Four with a second episode with Katherine Wintsch, who had just released her first book, Slay Like a Mother, at the time. Katherine’s on a mission to help mothers around the world destroy what’s holding them back, the dragon of self-doubt, so they can live the life they want. I think you’ll find a lot to light your way, as Katherine and I delve deep into how she conquered her self-doubt and practiced the dance between hard work and letting go in order to get her book published, persevering through 23 rejections in the six-year process.

Episode #59: The Healer Lies Within through Ayurveda with Avanti Kumar Singh

Avanti shares how Ayurveda can become a powerful lens for living a healthy, reflective life, one where we open our minds and tap into our own ability to provide counter-balance to the things that are troubling us and support our own healing.

Episode #60: Inflection Points, Releasing Perfectionism, & Small Actions that Matter with Anne Devereux-Mills

In this conversation with Anne, I was reminded that small acts can have meaningful cascades of impact, that we can hold a vision for an epic life rooted in connection and what really matters, not in having it all exactly right or at exactly the same time. And I gained a heightened awareness and appreciation for “Inflection points,” those times in our lives when we’re called to change our course or as Anne says “the moment after what was but before what will be.” Anne also just released her book, The Parlay Effect, in the New Year. Listen first and then go get a copy. 

Episode #61: Reclaiming Ourselves in Motherhood: Revisited with Graeme Seabrook

I so appreciated this conversation and the invitation Graeme and I co-created for you called the #oneminutemommanifesto that I decided to put this episode out on the feed again. Graeme and I are all about helping mothers claim their lives and realized we each had crafted our own manifestos that were instrumental in reclaiming ours. The re-release of this episode coincided with a Mother’s Quest Manifesto Challenge that we organized in the Facebook Group. All the posts and videos are still there, organized as a “unit,” so come on over if you’d like to participate. 

Episode #62: Claim Your Self-Care Your Desires with Elena Lipson

In this conversation, we explore Elena’s journey from a life that began in Russia to one based today in the fresh air of the Pacific Northwest with her husband of over 19 years and their teenage son Miles. The best adjective I could think of to describe this conversation is “juicy” filled with so much goodness, insights, and examples for how to connect to our bodies, speak our desires, and lean into presence and inquiry instead of assumption… with ourselves, our children and our partners.

Episode #63: A Maker’s Journey To A Good Life with Jonathan Fields

Jonathan, host of the Good Life Project Podcast, inspired me to start my own…so interviewing him was a full-circle moment. In this conversation, Jonathan and I went to all the deep, reflective places across each E.P.I.C. guidepost, talking about everything from our Sparktypes to the influence of his mother, a “maker” like himself, how he really feels about the hero’s journey and living a good life, lessons we’ve learned about letting go of expectations with our children, and how to be creators but not to be defined by the things we create.

Episode #64: Fatherhood, Forgiveness, and Redemption with Poet Will Little

Will Little

Will has a profound story to tell, one that began with an upbringing in a single-family parent home with his four sisters in Philadelphia, PA and hit a crisis point when he shot and killed another teen and was sentenced to 10-20 years in prison. Fatherhood was a seminal experience for Will. It was the knowledge of becoming a father, during the time of his incarceration, that became a catalyst for Will to turn his life around. Ultimately, this episode is about hope and transformation…And I hope you’ll be forever changed, as I have been, by your connection to Will and his story.

Episode #65: The Power fo Being Seen & The Spiral Path with Amy Simpkins

Using her unique gifts, Amy lights the way for so many of us with how she explains and embodies the iterative spiral path to life, motherhood, and entrepreneurship. And in this conversation, as we explored her wisdom and lessons learned along all the E.P.I.C. guideposts, it felt like we revealed together her creative genius, a quality she most admired in her mother, that is also inside of her.

Episode #66: A Love Letter to Friendship with Desiree Lynn Adaway & Pamela Slim

desiree and pamela

Being deeply seen and deeply understood is a theme that runs through this conversation, as we explore the ways that Desiree and Pamela experience the epic guideposts in their lives and in their friendship. The entire conversation was a love letter to friendship and a call to action to risk being known, knowing others, expanding our perspectives and championing diversity.

Episode #67: Smashing the Kyriarchy with Books for Littles Ashia Ray

Thousands of parents like me, on a quest to tackle hard topics with our children, turn to Ashia, whose autistic hyperfocus on researched and child-tested books that build compassion in our children, led her to create BooksForLittles.com and Raising Luminaries. Through her lists and her private group, Aisha helps us find the best books to foster age-appropriate conversations with our kids about white supremacy, cissexism, ableism and more.

Episode #68: Trust-based Parenting and Philanthropy with Pia Infante

Pia Infante

I was so honored to bring you this reflective conversation about investing from a place of trust in our dreams of becoming mothers, in our children, and in the causes we believe in, with someone who has been a dear friend and colleague for over a decade, Pia Infante of the Whitman Institute.

Episode #69: Overcoming Overwhelm with Dr. Samantha Brody

Overcoming Overwhelm with Dr. Samantha Brody

Overcoming Overwhelm: Dismantle Your Stress from the Inside Out is the title of the book written by my guest for this episode of the podcast, Dr. Samantha Brody. I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed in my life right now. But, inspired by this conversation, I decided to take a pause and start to take steps that are already helping me feel better.

Episode #70: Blazing a Transgender Trail with Corey Rae and her mother Judy Blank

In this Season Four Finale episode, Corey and Judy share, for the first time together, their mother-daughter account of how they blazed a trail in Corey’s transgender journey, telling stories spanning from Judy’s standing up to Corey’s kindergarten teacher, who wanted to stop her from dressing as a girl during dress-up time, to supporting Corey through her gender affirmation surgery at age 19.

ENCORE Episodes Re-Released in 2019:

Encore: Embrace Your Shape and Evolve Your Life with Democracy Clothing’s President Caren Lettiere


Encore: “Flawed” with Truth Bomb Mom Kristina Kuzmic


Encore: Living Out Loud with Jenjii Hysten

Jenjii Hysten


Back to School Encore: Equanimity & the Calm in the Storm with Mindful Parent Michelle Gale


Encore: Beyond the Trauma: Legacy, Compassion and Change with Mothers Against Police Brutality Co-founder Sara Mokuria



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