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What was the SPARK that sent you on your quest?  

Mother’s Quest is committed to sustaining a mother
on her journey 
to becoming her best self.

In so doing, through the power of her example, she also inspires
her children to grow into their best selves

First and foremost, you are a mom.
And, you are aware of how much motherhood
has transformed you.

It has both cracked you open in amazing ways 

and at times it has consumed you.

Yes. You are a mother.
But, you also identify as a seeker, a learner,
and someone committed to a life of purpose
and making a difference.

You are now on a quest to live a life of intention.

An E.P.I.C. life that will set a powerful example
for your children about how they can live theirs

It’s Time To Start Living Your E.P.I.C Life …


You are mindfully engaged with your children and family


You are passionate & purposeful, making a difference beyond your family


You are invested in yourself


You are connected to a strong support network so you are in community on the journey

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